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What is a lack of alignment costing you?

  1. Time – when you’re not on the same page, things take longer.
  2. Money – blown deadlines and project overruns increase costs.
  3. Credibility – mixed messages and poor execution lead to disappointed customers.
  4. Employee Engagement – as morale drops, so does motivation…AND productivity.

The most intelligent business plan, IT or marketing strategy doesn't stand a chance if your team is not properly aligned to execute it.

There's only one real way to know if your organization or team is truly aligned for optimal execution. It requires getting behind the scenes, digging below the surface and finding out what is really going on.

Business Success Teams (BST) has been designing, delivering, and developing a consulting process that navigates clients through the maze of their current business challenges to create True Team Alignment. For the last 10 years, BST has been creating the results:  A solid consulting model that integrates sound assessment, expert facilitation and leadership coaching to produce a host of results including, increased trust and motivation, a better decision making process, and faster execution.

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Highlighted Services
Interview-Based and Online Assessments
How do I identify the key issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure the highest level of performance for our team?

New Leader Fast Track
How do I make sure new executives and managers thrive in their new assignments?

True Alignment Process
How do we get  our team on the same bus and executing from the same game plan?

What Do You Call Team Alignment?





Getting on the same page

Working as one team

Driving the same agenda

Speaking with one Voice

Getting on the same bus

Singing in unison

Executing from the same game-plan

Singing from the same hymnal

Driving in the same direction

Rowing in the same boat

Marching to the same beat

Living the same dream

Harnessed to the same wagon

Pulling in the same direction

Whistling the same tune

Shared commitment to the same outcome

Makin’ beautiful music together

Walking the talk

Jammin’ together

Dancing to the same tune

Reading from the same menu

Paddling in the same direction

All our oars in the water

Singing to the same song

Running with the pack

On the same track

Pulling the load together

Partners for results

In sync

In unison

In the groove

In lock-step

In accordance

On board

To close ranks

Working Shoulder to Shoulder

All oars in the water